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Push Notifications

Sending messages to your customers is as easy as cracking open a cold one.

Cheers to Instant Updates with Push Notifications

Imagine a world where you can easily and instantly reach your customers. No pesky algorithm to fight with; just burst onto your customers phones like a surprise party for their taste buds. 

Why Push Notifications? They're not just a cool feature; they're the rockstars of communication. With the highest click-through rates, these messages outshine emails, social and text messages like a crisp golden ale on a sunny day. 

Now, here's the real kicker - zero per-message fees. That's right, zero. You can send as many notifications as you want without worrying about your marketing budget kicking like your kegs. 

So, whether it's announcing a fresh batch of craft goodness, a flash sale that's hotter than a jalapeño-infused IPA, or just a friendly reminder about a night at the taproom, Push Notifications are your backstage pass to keeping your beer-loving community buzzing with excitement. 

Brewery App, Direct Push Notification About Mug Club

Mug Club Reminders

Not a member yet? No worries, tap into your customers and get them to join the hotest club in town. 

Custom Brewery App, Direct Push Notification About New Beer Release

New Beer Alerts

Stop. Drop... Open Up Shop. New releases through push notifications gets them rolling in to the taproom. 

Every Brewery Update is a Front-Row Experience with Message Center

Whether the food truck's rolling in with a menu shake-up or there's a fresh beer release brewing, shout it out to your customers with confidence with Message Center. No need to worry if they've enabled push notifications or not – we've got you covered in your brewery's app. 

Every push notification takes center stage in your custom app's Message Center for a full 30 days. Which means that customers can catch up on all the juicy updates you've served, even if life got a bit hectic. 

But there's more! The number of unread messages will be highlighted on your App's home screen, ensuring nothing, and we mean nothing, slips through the cracks for your customers. 

Send Push Notifications Whenever!

The TapWyse dashboard provides a simple way to send a message out immediately to ALL of your brewery app customers.

Select or upload your audience, compose a message, add an action, and then decide when you want the message to go out. It's that easy.