App Navigation

Seize the reins of your brewery's app content with our on-demand App Navigation. It's like a magic wand that lets you customize your app with ease. 

Design Your Brewery's Digital Vibe with App Navigation

Take command of your brewery's digital dance floor with App Navigation. Imagine a symphony of customer-friendly buttons orchestrating a seamless app experience. 

Arrange your brewery's content with finesse – from showcasing upcoming releases with a spotlight on featured News to laying out your current brew list for a tantalizing taproom journey. 

App Navigation is your backstage pass to crafting an experience that's uniquely yours in your own custom branded brewery app. Tweak, toggle, and tap your way to the perfect blend. 

Unleash Brewery App Awesomeness 

Every button is a portal to a virtual playground for your customers. Whether it's to exclusive app only content, a link to your external website or social media, showcasing memberships, rewards or beyond – your brewery's app becomes the central hub for brewery brilliance. 

Imagine your customers having one tap access to everything your brewery and taproom have to offer - book epic brewery tours, claim a exclusive mug club spot, order food & beverages, or effortlessly breeze through your tap list – you can add it to your brewery's custom app! 

Ready to let the app magic unfold?

Online Dashboard For Edits

Adjustments Have Never Been Easier

The TapWyse dashboard provides a quick and easy way to adjust the content available to your customers.

App Navigation combines all of your robust features into one page for customers to find what they need on or off property. Use our drag-and-drop interface to reorder, rename, add, and remove buttons in seconds.