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Unlock the magic of digital rewards and promotions, making every sip and every visit a celebration for your customers.

Brewing Joy with Digital Rewards in Your Brewery's App

Tempt new customers or delight your regulars with the magic of digital rewards in your own custom brewery app. 

Rewards are accessible anytime and can be dished out to all your app downloaders or a specially curated list of beer enthusiasts. Say cheers to waving goodbye to paper vouchers – now everything's neatly tracked right in your brewery's app!

Customers? They'll love the on-demand perks that are easily and accessible to them through the app. 

Staff? They'll high-five at the ease of instant updates and ability to dole out rewards. It's a win-win!
Brewery App, Seasonal 4-Pack Reward

Cheers to Easy Peasy Brewery Rewards Redemptions

The digital rewards redemption dance? It's a breeze! Your customers just shimmy over to your brewery app, select the offer, tap redeem, and show a staff member the redemption with a timestamp and voilà!

Designed to keep your customers coming back for more, these MVPs are perfect for tempting mug club members or adding extra sizzle to a holiday weekend. 

Feeling the taproom blues on a slow day? No worries! Just shoot out a tempting reward and watch the crowd roll in. 

The real kicker? By keeping rewards exclusively in your brewery's app, it helps you grow your customer base! The more rewards, the merrier the app. Let's keep those sips and downloads flowing. 

Digital Rewards and Tracking Made Simple

The TapWyse dashboard removes the need to keep track of rewards and redemptions on spreadsheets or paper coupons. See on-demand reward analytics and customizable scheduling for managing all of your upcoming rewards.

Design new rewards through an easy to use online editor and access each customer's full history in a few clicks.

Go digital with all of your brewery marketing campaigns. Talk with a TapWyse expert today!