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Crafting Success Together

At TapWyse, our mission is to help breweries thrive by keeping you 'tap-of-mind' with your community. Because these days, the best shelf space is in your customers' pockets. 

About TapWyse

Welcome to TapWyse, where our love of craft beer meets our love of mobile app technology. Our journey began in 2011, creating custom mobile apps across music and golf with over 1,500 clients to boot! 

As frequent customers of local breweries we found ourselves craving real-time updates on their latest releases, upcoming taproom events and rotating food truck schedules. 

We witnessed first hand the challenges these breweries faced in successfully reaching their customers through traditional marketing channels and ensuring their brewery stayed top-of-mind with their community. We knew we could help and TapWyse was born. 

TapWyse Team

TapWyse isn't just another tech solution; we are your dedicated partners through and through. As a family business our customers are family.  Meet the team that is proud to be serving you!

Evan Schumacher

Master of Product Destiny

Currently Sipping: Coronado Brewing Nice & Dry Cider

Shannon Transue

Magician of Numbers

James Walsh

Sales Chieftain

Jess Lewis

Maestro of Design & Development

Currently Sipping: Upslope Craft Lager or Best Day Brewing Kolsch

Jason Wilson

Leader of People

Matt Kadin

Customer Success Sensei

Ross Stensrud

Opportunity Wayfinder

Currently Sipping: Best Day Brewing West Coast IPA

Zach Wilson

Chief Technology Overlord

The Magic of TapWyse

With a step-by-step approach our team ensures a seamless setup of your breweries mobile app, creating a direct channel to your customers. 

We bring a blend of expertise, collaboration, and a touch of magic to get you started quickly and smoothly! 

But it doesn't just stop there. Our partnerships with breweries motivates us to ensure we are always innovating to help them drive revenue and increased taproom visits. 

Join the TapWyse Family

Crafting a thriving community and driving success together is our mantra. In a world where your digital footprint is integral, TapWyse is your trusted partner. Let's craft up something special together!