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Because the most important updates deserve prime real estate on your brewery's home screen.  

Location, Location, Location - Your Brewery News Front and Center! 

From breaking news beer releases to epic events and tantalizing food truck menus, News is your top-shelf spot for messaging that demands attention.

Elevate your brewery's latest updates to prime real estate on your brewery's app home screen, with a front-and-center location specially designed to be noticed. We've even doubled the size to ensure your customers don't miss a beat.

Post everything customers need to know for the day: hours, current tap list, food truck menu, entertainment. The list goes on and on! Because in the world of craft beer, staying informed by your favorite brewery has never been this exciting. 

The Power of Promotion

Where spotlighting new releases becomes as easy as a beer pour! Simply add an image, a splashy description, and a few bullet points in the blink of an eye. Then, cue the excitement with a Push Notification that transports your customers straight to your News story for all the juicy details!

But that's not all – News is the chameleon of information, ready to display anything your creative brewer's heart desires. Spice it up with eye-catching imagery or sprinkle in tappable links to your website URLs in just a few clicks.

And here's the hoppy magic: The more News items you create, the more your brewery's app transforms into an informative playground. They gather like a dream team on a News listing screen with published dates, ensuring even those who haven't swung by in a while can catch up on the brewery buzz in a matter of minutes!
Create A News Item Dashboard Page

Schedule Your Brewery Content To Your Heart's Desire

Stay ahead of the curve with TapWyse's online dashboard. 

Each News item has a starts on date, giving you the ability to set them up days, weeks, or months ahead of time without worry that your message will drop when it shouldn't. For very timely messages, you can easily set an expiration date to have those news message disappear from your breweries app automatically.

The simple and approachable interface makes it a breeze to design your News content and the expiration date automation means you never have to worry about removing it from your app!